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-A site dedicated to all Silent Hill fans too lazy to learn Japanese-

Anyone who's played the Silent Hill series knows that the games' stories contain deep and complex stories. Most of what we can uncover regarding the characters and the town's history are scant hints found in the games themselves and are often contested in discussions on messages boards. Fortunately, the game's creators themselves have allowed us a full access tour of the world of Silent Hill -dispelling and/or supporting many previously held fan theories- in form of official published media outside of the games. However, not many of these tomes of Silent Hill lore have been published outside of Japan or in English...or any other language to my knowledge. Leaving us folks who've avoided taking foreign language courses to bang our heads on our game controllers in regret.

Yet we are lucky, for those wise souls who did take up bilingual studies have been translating the secrets of Silent Hill for us. They are fellow fans who deserve a great deal of praise and thanks for their hard work in bringing us what English publishers have apparently deemed not worth doing themselves.

Their translations have been shared through message boards other personal websites and provided the raw info we've craved. Yet, simply viewing them as text is only half of the experience our fellow Japanese fans get to have. So the goal with this site is to present those translations in the same style and format as their Japanese counterparts; as if an official English publisher had done so. We've taken the available images, translated their text, and composited them into the original visuals.

Please note that this site is not for profit. No money is generated by this site or by traffic to this site. This site exists as a gift from fans to fans, to assist in the study and understanding of Silent Hill.

-Book of Lost Memories-

The book "Lost Memories" came out as an added extra to the official Silent Hill 3 Game Guide by Konami in 2003. It was printed in the back pages of the guide upside-down so you could filp the book over to get the feeling of it being a 'second book' instead of just an appendix. This is a Holy Grail of Silent Hill lore that completely covers everything from characters to creatures, plots points to metaphors, and even 'making-of' info all by the creators themselves!

The translated text comes from Wallofdeath and his personal text-based site:
Silent Hill Chronicle

The original Japanese page scans come Timekiller's Webshots Album:
Scans of The Lost Memories Book



-The Sulivan Victims-

The official website for Silent Hill 4: The Room didn't simply contain product promotion, it told facsinating plot details not even revealed in the game itself! One of the more important of those are the Victim files. These were documents reminiscent of police files that were scattered throughout the site that gave us background on the people we only get to read snippets about or have chase us as life-sucking ghosts in the game.

We have tried to keep the look of the files identical to what was seen on the SH4 website, however a few alterations that add some additional information have been made. Pictures of the ghostly versions of the victims that are encountered in the game have been added to the second page of their respective file. Information that reveals the identity of victim no.11 was added as well. You can still view the file as it orginally appeared on the website but now you can click the link to reveal who the mystery person is... But if you haven't played the game yet - Consider yourself warned of SPOILERS!

We've also created files for victims 16 thru 21, which were never included on the official site, for the sake of being complete. Hopefully you won't mind the additions that have been made as the unaltered Japanese files can no longer be viewed since the SH4 site was taken down.

Note: If you really want to, you can use this link to view the files on one single page, just in case you happen to hate our fancy graphic interface:
Victim Files Raw

-Another Crimson Tome-

The Crimson Tome was another set of back stories on the characters and locations of Silent Hill 4. Again though, only in Japanese. It also offered a sort of guide to the game secrets and unlockables as well which have not been translated here as that info can be found in any hint guide or walkthrough. It first appeared on Konami's official Silent Hill 4 website which has since been taken down.




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