About Us

Hello there fellow gamers and welcome to our super awesome gaming magazine!

We are a group of video game aficionados (fancy phrase for “a bunch of nerds playing games”) that have decided to put our knowledge and expertise to a higher purpose.

Gaming is awesome and all of us agree, or else you wouldn’t be here. But we like co-ops and multiplayer games meaning that this is a group sport and we like sharing it with everyone.

We are offering this gamer magazine to you where you can read all about our opinions, reactions to video games, latest news and releases, and all that stuff that a proper gamer needs to know.

It doesn’t matter if you prefer sports games or action video games!

It is not important if you like single-player campaigns or thrilling co-op battles!

There is no difference between console games or PC games!

We share no prejudice and welcome you all so we can talk about GAMING!