Are People Still Playing Counter-Strike or Is it Done?

Video games come and go, but some remain at the top of the most played games of all time. Tetris is one of the world’s most sold games that is still, to this day played. People play all sorts of games nowadays. 

Some have even taken up playing video games, while others have taken up casino games. When it comes to casino games, many people who enjoy such games often go to online casinos and look for bonus codes similar to the Energy Casino Promo Code to add to their fun. But when it comes to video games, it’s important to say that some games stay around for a while, even though people seem to think that they are not played anymore. Take Counter-Strike, for example, a series that has been around for so long and is still relevant.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – A Fantastic Game

CS: GO is one of the best FPS games ever released. It is a tactical-based multiplayer shooter game where a team of terrorists aims to plant bombs or kill the opposing team. On the other end, lie the counter-terrorists, who want to kill the terrorists and disarm their bombs. There are more game modes, but the one mentioned here is the competitive one, which most players play. 

CS: GO is a fantastic esports title, being one of the most popular ones in the world in this regard. The Majors, the largest tournaments, organized by Valve, are watched by millions of people. CS: GO is developed by Valve and is a free-to-play game that works on all desktop operating systems, including consoles.

What is CS: GO Like for the Players?

CS: GO has a learning curve, but the game is primarily a shooter where there are some elements to be learned, like the maps. The more you are familiar with a map, the better you can predict where enemies can hide and wait for you. Being familiar with the weapons is also important, so new players struggle in multiple ways, but that is common for every game.

Typically, new players don’t get Global Elite players in their lobbies, so while rough, the beginnings are better than in most games.

CS: GO and Hacking/Cheating

Hackers have been ruining multiplayer games for as long as there have been multiplayer games. Most hackers do not care about their accounts so they just hack away and either kill people through walls or have tracking bullets that lock onto your head no matter where the person is aiming. Valve is quick to put a stop to any hacking attempts.

Professionalism and Match Fixing

When an esports title becomes popular, it is almost inevitable that it will become subject to a gambling scene, like most sports. CS: GO was not an exception in this regard and match-fixing was a problem, though the involved parties were banned for life from participating in Majors, by Valve, no less.

Most players who get involved in match-fixing are incredibly young and often make the wrong choices. This isn’t limited to CS: GO, only.

CS: GO is not without its issues, but it remains one of the most popular FPS multiplayer games in the world.