Travian – Why Do People Love This Game?

Video games come and go. Some are created and become a franchise. Franchises are fun and people tend to stick by them unless the developers or publishers do something really bad and ruin a game completely. Even online casinos have embraced video games and started implementing them as a standard on most of their sites. They still entice users with bonuses like this 888 Casino bonus, but video games are available to be played in browsers.

Since browsers became powerful, playing video games in a browser is really easy with modern hardware. Yet, there is a browser game which has been around since 2004 and is still played, and it is a strategy game. 

Why is Travian still as popular? 

Everybody Likes an MMO

Massively multiplayer online video games have been really popular in the last decade and a half, or rather, since we were able to get decent internet connections.

A good internet connection and a decent computer equals a lot of gaming, high quality gaming with other people, some of whom would become good friends.

Travian falls under the category of a massively multiplayer online video game. With that in mind, it attracts people simply by belonging to this genre. But, that alone is not enough. It needs to be more. And it is.

Real Time Strategy Game?

RTS games have suffered in the last 15 years, being overtaken by MOBAs and RPGs, not to mention battle royale games, which have taken the world of esports by storm. This has made the life of RTS games really problematic, as sales went down. 

Well, Travian: Legends is not a game that is sold, but rather a game that you can play online, for free. A real time strategy game that you can initialise very quickly and get into a match is bound to attract people, particularly a game that was released 17 years ago, which still gets regular updates to this day.

A Browser Game for Strategy Lovers?

Travian: Legends is a browser game. This means that anybody with a browser and normal hardware which can use browsers is able to play Travian. When you can play a game on any device through a browser, that is going to increase the game’s player number. 

The ability to play Travian on smartphones, as well as on computers makes it a favorite of those who enjoy gaming on their phones primarily, as well as those who enjoy a larger screen and more ergonomic peripherals.

travian games, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The Power of Branding and Dedication

When people get into a video game at an early age, or when it was still early in its development period, and then continue using it for the next fifteen years, they are still likely to play the game if it is any good and if they still like the type of the game. This makes Travian a good choice for those who prefer loyalty to a game rather than changing titles upon release.

Travian is a browser MMORTS game, one that is 17 years old and counting. It is loved by many and likely to remain that way for a while.