10 Crazy Gun Concepts in Gaming that Make No Sense

Sometimes the reason why we love video games is because they make absolutely no sense! Some games don’t hide it and play on the trope of ridiculousness just for the sake of having fun. However, others try to sell us absolutely outrageous concepts while looking us straight in the eye.

It is the latter that we want to discuss today as there are many crazy gun-related concepts throughout gaming that simply don’t work in the real world.

10. Shotguns

Having a shotgun is an ultimate one-shot kill weapon. Some games go as far as making the player a God once acquiring it. And if having a shotgun wasn’t good enough, they decided to make it overkill with shotgun snipers and shotgun rockets.

9. Bow & Arrow

Recent games like Assassin’s Creed and Tomb Raider have revitalized the concept of having a bow and arrow. That’s all well and good, but some game developers make a big deal out of it. An arrow cannot be stronger than a bunch of bullets.

8. Shooting Ballistics

Each shooter game has its own rules when it comes to shooting ballistics as they try to make it as realistic as possible. However, none of them actually match the real-live ballistics that we have in reality.

7. Unlimited Mounted Gun Ammo

If you run into a machine gun turret or a mounted gun on a hill, be sure that they are never going to run out of ammo nor are they going to stop to reload. It will just keep on shooting until you figure out a way to pass or you die.

6. M4 vs AK47

Each game has a good side and a bad side. But have you noticed that in almost 90% of the cases the good guys carry M4s as their primary weapons while the bad ones have an AK47 strapped to their side? Oh yeah, and they just happen to be Russian as well.

5. Cosmetic Bullets

Many weapon or character designs come with cosmetic bullets. But when their weapons run out of ammo they never get to use those bullets strapped across their chests or from their side. They just keep reloading out of thin air.

4. Weapon Perspectives

You never actually think about it but almost all of the first-person shooters out there have a completely incorrect way of holding a weapon. The designers want you to see the weapon you are holding and the view from real life does not provide you with such bliss.

3. Doors That Can’t Explode

You are carrying an arsenal of weapons that Rambo would be envious of and you cannot shoot your way through a door. You have to stop, get out your lock picking equipment and start working. In real life, a rocket launcher would be more effective and would make a bigger statement.

2. A Weapon Develops with the Character

This is a concept that is mostly used in RPGs. You start with a small pistol while your character is level 1. As your character gets stronger and levels up, so does the gun in an inexplicable way. All of a sudden, that small cricket gun that couldn’t kill an ant is able to shoot down dinosaurs and airplanes.

1. Illogical Audio

This is a trope that old-school gamers are familiar with. You are watching two guys through a sniper or with binoculars and you zoom in for a closer look. All of a sudden the audio turns up and you are able to hear what they are talking about. It makes absolutely no sense to hear somebody from that far by zooming in without proper equipment.