Dutch Footballer Designs and Creates Unique and Portable Gaming Bag for Consoles

Innovation is what gamers live for – including gamers who play esports and are looking for the Fantasy Goodgamer Referral Code, those who play action video games, or even those who prefer casino games. Dutch footballer, Kai Heerings is the man behind the latest idea in gaming – The Game Case 2.0. He and his brother-in-law, Jens van Zonneveld, came up with this idea while traveling to an away game via bus.

Sometime later and the Game Case 2.0 manufactured by JZ Design was born!

After getting the idea they started manufacturing it themselves and taking orders. Soon enough the news started to go around and many football players were on board as they were also looking for ways to chill on trips.

How Does the Game Case Work?

The premise is simple. It is a case where you can fit a console by your choice. You can put your PS3, PS4 or an Xbox One S. Inside you will find an HD screen with all the cords and plug-ins necessary to hook up your gaming system.

There are two versions, a 19-inch one and a 24-inch one and it also comes with high-quality speakers, a 5-meter cable and a strong hinge to make it easier to carry the load.

You can carry it with you on any kind of trip and there is even an option of customizing your bag per your liking or style.

John Terry Was the First one to Buy

Interestingly enough, the former Chelsea captain and legend, John Terry, was the first one to purchase the case. Or actually the first notable name in the football world. He acquired the number from another player and immediately called and ordered eight bags.

However, the shipment came all busted so Kai delivered substitutes in-person to Stamford Bridge and all the Blues’ players.

Shortly after, Sergio Aguero made a purchase for him and another famous Argentine player called Leo Messi, you might have heard of him.

How did it Come to Be?

Kai and his brother-in-law were playing for Fortuna Sittard at the time and were often away on long trips via bus. Whether it was to practice or for an away game, they spent too much time riding on a bus and less time playing video games.

So one day they started talking about how cool it would be if they could bring their consoles with them on the trip.

But how? They are too robust and you don’t have anywhere to plug them in. Let alone a TV nearby.

Yeah, but what if we made a special case that has all of that?

And here is how the idea was born!

It was basically a way for the two friends to fight boredom while going on away games and also doing sometimes that they love. Which is essentially what we all love, and that is gaming.