Super Mario & Sonic Are Ready To Occupy Tokio

Great news for nostalgics and video game fans! Our beloved heroes, Nintendo’s Super Mario and SEGA’s Sonic are finally back. Released on November 5 for America, and a couple of days later in Europe, the new video game, Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020, is the official 2020 Tokio Olympics’ game. 

Currently, it is available only for Nintendo Switch consoles. Early next year, the officials will come out with more precise news about the exact time when it will appear in the arcade cabinets.

Mario & Sonic, Time Travel Game

The new game combines two iconic characters into an exciting adventure that will display a high-quality 3D technology, but also be a recall to vintage video games as a tribute to the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.

By using the Story Mode, players will be able to travel through time. They can play challenges in three-dimensional settings located in Tokyo of 2020, or return to 1964 and find themselves in a retro 2D game that follows the events of the Olympics which is held in the same city, only 56 years before.

Celebrating Old and New Olympic Sports

The theme is sports or, more precisely, Olympic disciplines that will appear at the real Games. Mario & Sonic at Tokio Olympics is designed to have six different installments, and more than 30 thrilling action crossovers. 

When it comes to graphics, we expect that SEGA has brought the game to perfection. Also, we hope that the famous plumber and his partner, the hedgehog, will take us to the incredible setting of futuristic Tokyo. It certainly is a city where we expect to see Olympics fields and arenas like we have never imagined before.

But for even more excitement, besides traditional sports such as soccer, swimming, boxing, gymnastics, marathon, equine and more, Mario & Sonic game will introduce competitions that are officially listed as Olympic disciplines from 2020, like karate, surfing, skateboarding, and climbing.

More Great Options

Except for the best sports and graphics, the new game offers many more features. During the game, you will be able to unlock more of your beloved characters from both franchises, such as Luigi, Tails, Yoshi, Amy Rose, Waluigi, Dr Eggman, and many more.

Moreover, you can learn about the Olympic Games, read trivia or see some most famous Tokyo landmarks.

The game creators also wanted it to be interactive and social. For that reason, Nintendo offers its Nintendo Switch console with unique Joy-Con controls. They allow you to simulate movement during play, such as swinging or throwing, and many more fun choices. Of course, there is an indispensable multiplayer option for playing in pairs, groups, and tournaments.