The Implementation of AI in Gaming

Video games have certainly changed our lives in the past couple of decades, as they have become an integral part of people’s lives, and AI technology has been following closely behind. The two forms developed alongside each other and as video games become more sophisticated, so did the AI implemented within these games. This technology is not only used in video games – for example, online casinos are also experimenting with AI alongside classic bonus codes like Energy Casino Promocode, in order to give their customers a complete and realistic casino experience.

However, don’t get consumed and think of AI used in video games as something that you would see in sci-fi movies.

The concept is entirely different as video games use a casual form of AI which is meant to make the gaming experience likable. Although advanced and highly developed forms can be used, it wouldn’t make much of enjoyable game experience.

Video Games and AI

In order to help you understand which AI was used in the past, we need to use an example. Let’s say you are playing an FPS game and you need to complete the level by killing the main bad guy. Of course, there are going to be some obstacles to stop you in the form of soldiers or in this case bots.

Those bots are programmed with a lower form of AI which is supposed to react to certain patterns of behavior that the player displays. So if you shoot at it, it will fire back, for example.

There are Difficulties to This Game

Each game comes with its difficulties from “casual” or a “walk in the park” to “world domination mode” or “Dante must die.” The difficulty mostly coincides with the form of AI used for that particular level. Using advanced or adding more patterns for the AI will make the game much difficult to pass.

However, the point is not to make the game too difficult for the player. Games are played for pure enjoyment and not getting destroyed by your enemies every time you try it. That is the main reason why advanced AI is not used.

The Future of AI in Gaming

Many people compare the future AI that is supposed to be used in video games to the one in Ender’s Game. There the protagonist of the story plays a war chess match against a computer program that adapts to the player’s moves, learns patterns and behavior and does everything in its power to defeat him or her.

By all accounts, this is where AI should be going. If we believe the stage of development where Artificial Intelligence is currently at, we might expect something like this happening. A more believable form is that the used AI is not going to adapt as fast as in the Ender’s Game, but will take a more slow and measured approach that will get to know the player over time. Allowing the player to make strategies and evolve in gameplay alongside with the Artificial Intelligence.

Is AI Dangerous?

Sometimes people get scared when they hear about the rapid development of AI. Judgment Day from the Terminator franchise is what everybody thinks on the mere mention of highly intelligent AI. However, these stories remain in the realm of fiction. The AI that we have today is not dangerous and is supposed to make our gameplay more enjoyable.

We shouldn’t view it as something dangerous; we should see it as something that can change our world for the better.

To Conclude

AI and gaming go hand in hand, that is a fact. Artificial Intelligence is going to develop to an enormous proportion and gain a level that we cannot currently fathom. However, don’t for a second think that it will ruin our gaming experience. Games are supposed to be enjoyed and not stressed about so the AI of the future will just help us have more fun and enjoy games even more.