The Most Difficult Bosses in Gaming

You have defeated all the zombies and ghouls in front of you. You have ventured in the very depths of hell and came back alive. All those treacherous puzzles and traps have been passed with ease. Strong and confident, full HP, upgraded weapons, grenades and potions in hand you are in front of the gates that lead you to the boss.

And then you taste defeat…

Not once… Five times in row!

It’s enough to slam your controller on the ground and launch your TV through the window.

Believe me, we’ve all been there. But the satisfaction you get after you finally rise victorious is immeasurable and is what keeps you returning to the game and making you play it over and over again.

So let’s get a closer look at these super difficult fiends that are thriving the gaming world and haunt the dreams of many gamers.

Sepiroth – Kingdom Hearts

We know that Sepiroth originally belongs to the Final Fantasy VII game, but he presents much more of a challenge when being faced in Kingdom Hearts 2. The one-winged human-alien hybrid is able to dodge and block and insane amount of attacks and at the same time counter-attack swiftly.

Persistence is key, but you also  need a well devised strategy. Don’t even think of facing him at below level 70 and make sure your health bar is full.

Orphan of Kos – Bloodborne

The Bloodborne series is not only infamous for its ghoulish graphics but for the sheer strength and difficulty of their bosses. One such example is the Orphan of Kos. This boss is able to throw both short and long range attacks during the battle which makes it very difficult to measure the exact distance where to stand.

During the first phase of the battle, you may try charging attacks as you roll over backwards. But during the second stage, just wait for an opening and go one strike at a time. Don’t get too greedy or it’s your demise.

The Nameless King – Dark Souls III

The Nameless King may be an optional boss in Dark Souls III but is highly regarded as the hardest boss in the franchise which is already filled with difficult obstacles.

The first stage of the battle involves you killing the Nameless King’s dragon – yes he has a freakin’ dragon! Don’t let it take flight and aim for the head. If it does, you are cooked.

Okay, the King is off his horse… dragon, now comes the hard part. There are no shortcuts here the only way to victory is to memorize the attacks and dodge/block/roll your way to victory.

Queen Larsa – Mushihimesama Futari

If you are not into vertical scrollers, you better stir clear of the Mushihimesama games all-together. The original game was hard enough, but the 2006 sequel added a completely new definition to the word difficulty.

Queen Larsa doesn’t leave room for error. Furthermore, there are no cheats, codes, nor glitches available. The only thing that you got going for you is your hand-eye coordination and precision reflexes. As the screen lights with barrage attacks coming from all over, only experienced players will be able to pull through.

Skolas – Destiny

With the House of Wolves expansion for the Destiny game came its hardest boss ever, Skolas and his Army of the Fallen. He was originally released as a part of weekly challenges and groups of players reconvened to fight him, which sometimes took more than four hours to do.

Game developers eventually caved in and decided to slash Skolas’ energy down in half and made some modifications. Still, only experience players and teams can hope to defeat him and only with weapon modifiers to boot.