GTA Finally Opens its Doors to Their Casino

The wait has been long as quite a lot of dust settled on “Opening Soon” sign of GTAs Diamond Casino & Resort. For a while now, fans were familiar with the concept of GTA opening a casino in downtown Los Santos on GTA Online.

Just when the players started getting restless and some even began losing hope that it would ever happen and started searching for magical vegas promo code as a replacement, the gala opening crept and sprung to give us a big surprise.

If you are one of the few who haven’t heard about the GTA online casino, here is what you missed.

What is GTA Online Casino?

Generally speaking, GTAs Online Casino is a virtual casino situated within GTA Online. It functions like a real live casino that you would go and visit in real life, but still has many differences opposed to the real thing.

In order to gain access to games and many perks that the casino offers, you need to exchange your GTA$ into casino chips. Then you will be able to the offered games and enjoy some of the added entertainment offered in the casino.

What Games are Available?

You can actually play some of the traditional casino games as you would in a real one. Three Card Poker, Blackjack, and Roulette are the main ones. But there are some smaller ones like Slot Machines, themed by Twilight Knife and Impotent Rage, but also a chance to bet on virtual horse racing or even spin the lucky wheel.

If that is not enough for you and you want a taste of the good ol’ GTA experience, you can even play a series of story missions that are available here. Most of them include protecting the casino from a disruptive gang that wants to take over.

But with the GTA casino chips that you earn you can even get yourself a personal parking space, with a valet, and even helipad access on the top of the roof of the casino. But if you really are a big-time player, you can get invited to VIP lounges and participate in high-stakes games or obtain VIP membership and be allowed to enter the Master Penthouse suit within the Diamond.

Why did it Take So Much to Open?

It took Rockstar five long years to finally get their project up and going. Many have been waiting for this for a really long time. We still don’t know the real reason for the delay but we can still speculate.

One of them is the touchy question of GTA introducing a secondary currency within the game. Many are already saying that this will cause gamers to spend more money on the game and we cannot even begin to talk about the gambling part.

It seems that Rockstar was waiting to see how Red Dead Online would fare and then release their own Casino concept. They have most certainly used and analyzed the date from that concept to support this one. For now, things seem to be going well and there are no signs of backlash.


However, we do expect some backlash to happen. This is a fun part of the video game and goes well in hand with what GTA is. As long as people continue to view it as a game and not legalized gambling, we are good!