The Ultimate Question – FIFA or PES, which is better?

The eternal question and struggle…

Cola or Pepsi?

Barcelona or Real Madrid?


No one can give you a straight answer as there are claims to support both sides, and you usually pick one that you stay loyal to, as with all things in life. But it does not have to be: there are so many places we can go for information about a product; for example, if we want to see more about 1xbet, all we have to do is Google it, and find all the gambling opportunities it provides.

Both FIFA and PES are one of the most beloved franchises in the gaming world and eSports all-together. But is there something that sets them apart? Let’s analyze, shall we?


FIFA was created back in 1993 and was first called FIFA International Soccer. Out of the gate, it attracted many fans and throughout the years has become a staple in the industry. But what makes it so great?


FIFA owns the licensing rights from all the major leagues around the world. They even have rights to the World Cup and the Champions League. It gives players the ultimate gaming experience as they can play with their favorite players and teams to win existing trophies.


Overall graphics are some of the most stunning ones in the gaming world. The player’s movement is totally realistic and match presentation is exasperating. It makes every match a unique experience for both new and veteran players.

Playing Modes

FIFA has greatly expanded upon its standard offer when it comes to playing modes. By adding Football Ultimate Team and The Journey, gamers have an opportunity to lead their own teams or a player individually.


PES or Pro Evolution Soccer came out in 1995 and it immediately became a rival to FIFA with some perks of their own.

Playing Style

PES is a very much recognizable game in terms of its play style. It is what attracts fans the most as it is very appealing and realistic and completely distinguishable as opposed to FIFA’s style of play.


Since PES does not own almost any rights to the names of players and teams, they had to deal with it differently. Thus they added a customization option that allows you to create your own players, teams and even leagues. You can easily devise your own local team with players that you want and start competing in the Premier League.

Simplistic Gameplay

Simplicity is often the key to a good video game franchise. You can’t hope to attract new players if they are not able to play the game. So PES brings an easy play style for gamers to enjoy. You don’t have to be an expert in soccer video games you can just pick up a controller and start to play.

The Verdict

There is no final verdict here. Giving and objective opinion is almost impossible, it all remains to the player’s own personal taste and likeness. Is this how things should work in the first place?

Fans will eventually choose what they like more. Graphics and realism come with FIFA, but customization and gameplay with PES. It is up to you to decide what kind of experience you are for.

But the ultimate goal is to have fun and enjoy playing video games as one should.