Top 4 Gaming Influencers in 2021

Gaming has become quite an interesting hobby and even a job for most people. Whether uploading videos of playthroughs to YouTube or streaming video games, gaming is a hobby and a job, as well as a sports event, if you consider esports.

The rise of gaming and streaming has led to a lot of people turning to influencers or streamers, to watch them play games and give their opinions about stuff, life and video games. Every year, a couple of influencers stand out from the crowd. Here are the top choices for 2021.


PewDiePie or Felix Kjellberg is a rather famous YouTube personality, a person who started with playthroughs and is today one of the largest channels on YouTube, with 111 million subscribers. PewDiePie does all sorts of videos, from reactions to Minecraft videos, to playthroughs and reviews. Try his channel if you haven’t, you are likely to laugh and to see his reactions to stuff, which are often very entertaining and more realistic than most people would want, particularly those whose products he is criticising. 


This is another old name in the gaming world, particularly on YouTube. Markiplier plays video games and posts videos. His preferred genre is horror and scary video games. Whether a simple game or a AAA horror title, Marikplier is there to try it out, review it, and get scared. You would think that he would develop a thicker skin after years of horror game experience but the reality is that scary games are scary and you can get used to them only so much.


The name is something to pronounce, but the guy behind the channel and on the screen is called Sean William McLoughlin, an Irish video game reviewer. He does not stick to a single genre and does his best to thoroughly review games, whether from a major studio or from a person in a basement. Thorough reviews are hard to find so watching him review a game is a good place to start if you are not sure that you want to spend your hard earned money on a potentially subpar gaming experience.

The Game Theorists

This is another channel which is a must watch for those who prefer learning about and discussing video games, rather than just playing them. Of course, being gamers, we all have some favorite video games. The Game Theorists focus on what makes a game good, the behind the scenes and in-betweens that make some video games stand out and be loved by millions, even though they might not seem special.

These are the top gaming influencers in 2021. While they might not be everybody’s favorite, they are still big and reach a large audience. Which are your favorite gaming influencers?