Can Motion Detection Games Help Our Children to Exercise?

When we were young and gaming is in its infancy, our mothers used to tell us that we shouldn’t spend the whole day in front of our computer playing video games. We should go out and exercise more.

We can’t deny that they were right. Sitting in front of your console or PC does not boast well for your posture or your physical abilities. But it can’t rot your brain as they claimed.

However, the contemporary world has us covered with the concept of Exergames. With the rise of motion detection technology and its implementation in gaming it is going to bring a completely new aspect to staying at home and playing games.

What is Exergaming?

This is a concept that involves the combination of being able to exercise while playing video games. It only involves games with motion detection or even VR games that allow you to move your body.

Some of the most popular systems currently include Kinect for Xbox 360, PlaystationMove, Nintendo Wii Fit and various kinds of Smart Phones.

This allows you to exercise by playing games such as boxing, biking, practicing kung fu, and even dancing.

Are These Games Beneficial for Our Children?

As most of our kids are spending time inside and not really going outside to play, the best substitute can be using games to exercise.

Proper development for a child involves regular training and exercise to help it develop muscle and bones. Children usually do this by playing around and playgrounds are the best place to do it. As experts see it, there is no better way of developing a body than actually running around as children do.  But exergames can provide a viable alternative.

If there is no other way of getting a child to move about or getting it out of the house, using a motion sensor game that can track your movement is the best way to go. It is always better to do something than nothing at all.

How Much do Kids Need to Exercise?

It mostly depends on the age of the child and the needs that it has. Some do not need to exercise as much as others but it is equally important to all.

Doctors say that about an hour a day is more than enough.

But in order to get enough exercise from a gaming system like this, you have to adapt the difficulty. Depending on the game you are playing it may not be enough. Research says that playing these games at medium or high difficulties will have the biggest impact on your body.

To Conclude

All in all, I would say that this is a fabulous concept that is worth being looked into. Our children are already engrossed in the games and technology so it could prove to be helpful for our kids if we combine something that they love to do with something healthy. Only good things can come out of this.