The Surging Popularity of Fantasy Sports

One of the most recent gaming phenomena is the introduction of Fantasy Sports. People from all around the world are doing it and it offers loads of fun as you compile a team and lead it through an entire season in order to win a trophy. In addition, people love betting on Fantasy Sports especially with the Paddy Power bingo promo codes for 2020.

Although your trophy is a virtual one, in the end, it is all worthwhile as all of your efforts come to fruition.

How Does One Compete in Fantasy Sports?

The premise is rather simple. You need to compile a team based on existing players from the real world. Depending on the Fantasy Sport you have chosen you need the same amount of players like in real life, starters and substitutes as well.

As the games are played in real life stats are complied and calculated to your fantasy team. So to determine the winner between you and another person the players you have chosen have to compile enough points in real life as it translates to the game.

You might think that this game is all about luck. It is completely not. You have to employ all kinds of strategies to gather up a perfect team and then manage it through the season.

Which are the Most Popular Fantasy Sports?

Today, there are Fantasy Sports leagues for almost any sport out there. However, since Fantasy Sports have started in the US and Canada, major sports like baseball, football, basketball, and hockey are the most popular ones. As for Europe, soccer is understandably the most played Fantasy Sport out there.

There are many major sites where you can apply and play against your friends. You can even compile a league of your own and compete in a closed tournament among yourselves, no outsiders.

People usually comprise their teams based on players from the MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA or the Premier League.

Are Fantasy Sports Gambling?

There are a lot of people who think that Fantasy Sports are related to gambling. Actually, the truth is completely the opposite. There are many strong arguments that confirm that.

Mainly, the outcome of the games mostly depends on statistics about actual performance in real life. Fantasy players have to use their skills and acquired knowledge to play the game and eventually win.

As you can guess, this is completely different from any sports betting. In those situations, the prediction of the gambler is solely based on the luck of the player. With Fantasy Sports one has to be invested and one has to follow the sports and the players as well the Fantasy Sports world in order to come out on top.

How Many People Play Fantasy Sports?

Based on a survey conducted in 2017, more than 60 million people around the US and Canada spends their time playing Fantasy Sports.

Also, due to the rise of mobile phones and gaming, most players use their smartphones to play and a lot less their desktop computers.

The dominant demographics are males that amount to more than 70% at an average age of 32.

To Conclude

As you can see, Fantasy Sports is a completely new thing that is sweeping the world and making all kinds of waves. It could be interesting to at least try it and see what all the fuss is about.

It is a game after all.