The Most Iconic Video Game Soundtracks of All Time

What makes a good video game is often a combination of gameplay and graphics, or rather, everything that contributes to the immersion. Some games are more gameplay-heavy, while others focus on the story and the narrative, but to each their own. Some games are actually made much better just because they have a great soundtrack. Soundtracks have become a cult in video games, so much so that they are performed worldwide by orchestras, including the London Symphony Orchestra.

Following are some of the best video game soundtracks out there, the most iconic ones.

Chrono Trigger

This video game is a work of art, a Japanese RPG, released in 1994, made by Square, now Square-Enix. Nobuo Uematsu and Yasunori Mitsuda created a miracle with this game. The soundtracks are so popular that there are many famous guitarists and musicians covering them. They have been played by multiple orchestras throughout the world. Whether you prefer an action-packed theme, like Crono’s theme, or something more soothing like Marle’s theme, take your pick. Frog’s theme is also a classic. 

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

To some, it is local music, namely the Slavic countries in Eastern Europe, to others, it is a miracle. Regardless, the Witcher 3 soundtrack, including both the DLCs, is so good that the game would be a completely different game without it. While it would also be great, the soundtrack enhances every moment in the game, particularly when it comes to some narrative-heavy scenes, followed by boss battles. The exploration themes are no slouches, either.

The Elder Scrolls – Jeremy Soule

Jeremy Soule is one of those names which give people a good feeling when it comes to a video game soundtrack. Soule came with the third game in the series, Morrowind, and composed for Oblivion and now, Skyrim. The main theme of Morrowind and onwards is still to this day a classic, played and covered by many people. The other themes, ambiental and action, are classics that people immediately recognize as it sends them back to their childhood and the times spent exploring Tamriel.

Grim Fandango

Talk about a jazz soundtrack. This is one of those classic LucasArts (when they still existed) games. Tim Schafer is a staple name in the industry and this game is a masterpiece, top to bottom. Peter McConnel worked on the soundtrack and it is from his genius that we got a rather fetching soundtrack that complements the game as best as it can.

Final Fantasy – Pick a Game

Final Fantasy has had many games in its series up to this day and from the older ones such as IV, and VI (which has Yasunori Mitsuda as a composer) to more modern ones like XVI, Final Fantasy has amazing soundtracks. Pick a game you like in the series and the soundtrack will most likely be amazing.

These are some of the most iconic soundtracks. The list could go on forever, with games like Silent Hill 2, Undertale, Bastion, Castlevania III, and so on and so forth.