The Pros and Cons of the PS5

When technology takes a leap forward, most people strive to purchase it as soon as possible. When that happens, there tends to be a shortage of the said technology. Some companies adapt and can predict the market well ahead of time and will ramp up production to have a second batch ready. But, what most people cannot predict is an outbreak of a global pandemic, which has left many manufacturing plants with a much smaller throughput than otherwise.

Companies that do businesses online have adapted, for example, online sportsbooks. They entice customers with promotional codes and offers like this Bethard Welcome Offer. However, some businesses cannot function like that, particularly when they sell products. Sony has been in the news lately, with their PlayStation 5 console. It is a great device, but it has its pros and cons. Here they are, for your convenience.

It is a PS – And it is Great

PlayStations are often great devices and with the PS5, it is no exception. It is a great console, powered by the latest AMD hardware. It is almost like a computer in most regards, so it is able to achieve decent framerates and even better frame times for not a lot of money. It can do everything that you want from a console, from playing movies and music, streaming, to allowing you to play games offline and online. Sony exclusive titles are often a treat and with the PS5, they are even better, at least from a graphical standpoint. But, everything has a flaw, even PS5.

They Are Impossible to Obtain at a Decent Price

Having mentioned a global pandemic, people have purchased IT components, including consoles, as soon as they were able to. This led to a shortage of everything, from graphics cards to consoles. Consoles have gone up in price, and scalpers (people who buy products in bulk and afterward re-sell them at an inflated price) have had their way in contributing to a ridiculous increase in price.

For those who do not want to pay a ridiculous price, waiting for the consoles to be in stock at a reputable dealer or store is the only choice, and months can pass before one actually gets their console.

Controller and Interface Issues

While it is an amazing next-generation experience, the PS5 has other problems, of a more technical nature. The interface which is used to browse the games and go through the menus could be better, with more customization and a more optimized approach.

The DualSense controller is a work of art, but compared to the Xbox Series X controller, it is bulkier and action games will tire one out quickly. That being said, there are not a lot of must-have PS5 titles, though that will likely change in time.

Older Games Are Even Better

Even though new games are interesting to play, older games become even better with the PS5. The better hardware, the optimizations, and the older games come alive, so that console players can finally experience them at a decent framerate. This is where the PS5 shines, providing amazing gameplay at a good price, provided that there is a console in stock.

The PS5 is indeed a great console and even though it has its flaws, with time and Sony paying attention to their customers’ needs, it will become better, provided that it is ever in stock again.