Video Games are taking over the Entertainment World

Video games have slowly but surely become a part of mainstream entertainment. It has reached such levels that it managed to overtake both the movie and TV streaming industries. Generally speaking, gaming has become such an integral part of contemporary culture that it got much more popular than some of the more traditional forms of entertainment like watching moves in cinema or shows on the big screen.

Last year, the video game industry earned a whopping revenue of $116 billion. The TV and TV streaming services got $105 billion and the movie industry earned $41 billion. The music industry was at its all-time low with only $17 billion of revenue.

How Did Games Break Out on Top?

Before we get started it is important to talk about a little ol’ game called Grand Theft Auto V. You may have heard of it or perhaps played it, but did you know that it earned more than $6 billion and sold around 90 million copies?

GTA V was the first game that managed to outsell a major Hollywood movie release. Mind you, it required an investment of $100 + million but it all paid off in the end. Other games like Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 pursued the same model and made $1 billion in just 15 days.

We are trying to say that the development of games and its popularity has ascended them to a place in our society that nobody would have thought.

It’s the Movie’s Fault as Well

Hollywood has to put the blame on themselves. They have brought this curse upon them as they tried to make a profit on the popularity of video games. Thus popular video game titles were made into movies such as Assassin’s Creed, Warcraft, and even the animated Angry Birds movie. Netflix adapted Castlevania into a successful animated series while Five Nights at Freddy’s is a successful book series now.

In a way, the movie industry has been given the tools of their demise. By trying to make a quick cash grab they failed to see the bigger picture as their plan backfired on them and ultimately made the medium that they wanted to (mis)use much more popular.

Esports and Streaming

Gaming is not just for people who want to participate in it. A lot of people just want to watch. This is where Esports comes in and live streaming of video game events. It is a sure step which is adding to the descent of every other industry out there.

The Drop

Gaming is where it should be. It has rightfully earned its spot. The climb to success was long and hard but eventually, it got to a place which it most certainly deserves.