Which One Would You Choose? Fallout 4 or New Vegas

War. War never changes…

If these words narrated by Ron Perlman immediately make you thing Fallout, then you are a true fan.

The Fallout franchise is one of the more popular ones in the world and there are almost no bad games in the series.

But for the sake of the argument, we have excluded two of them, Fallout 4 and Fallout: New Vegas and are pitting them one against each other.

Advantage 1: Fallout 4 – Better Graphics

This is a clear advantage for Fallout 4 that you have probably seen coming a mile away. New Vegas is a beautiful and stunning game on its own and does contain great graphics and fabulous appearance, but the mere fact that Fallout 4 is the newer of the bunch makes it better. New games almost always have an advantage over old ones, and it is no different when it comes to online casino games; it is a good thing that there are lots of sites that offer bonuses – we only have to turn on our computers, and we can learn all about comeon!

However, Fallout 4 also has some of the most detailed graphics compared to other contemporary games on the market.

Advantage 1: New Vegas – More Room to Explore

I know what you are saying know – Every Fallout game wants you to explore. That is true, but New Vegas takes things to a whole new level. Although other games have all sorts of side quests and details to their map that you need to explore this one does it in such a way that it rewards players for every effort they invested in it.

Advantage 2: Fallout 4 – Voice Work

Many would not agree as this being an advantage mainly because it was the first time the main protagonist of the game has been given a voice. Some fans didn’t take kindly to this new feature but it was something necessary for the game to evolve and move to its next stage.

Fallout 4 may not have the voice of Matthew Perry but has been given an advantage because were finally able to hear the main character speak.

Advantage 2: New Vegas – More Character Choice

New Vegas is unique as it starts you, the player and your character, from a blank slate. You and you alone are going to determine your faith and your choices really do matter when it comes to the grand scheme of things.

The only knowledge you have is that you are a courier and that you have to deliver a message… That’s it. Just play it and see where the story takes you.

Advantage 3: Fallout 4 – Shooting and Combat

The combat system is an essential part of Fallout 4 and is one of the more unique ones in the gaming world. But what Fallout 4 did here was to improve upon it and make it easier to use. However, it is not as easy as you think, at least opposed to other Fallout games.

The biggest change, which is also the most fun one, is with the V.A.T.S. as you are not able to completely stop time as before and in a way to cheat death. You can only slow it down a bit for a period of time. This throws the old tactics completely out of the window and requires you to think more.

Advantage 3: New Vegas – The Mystery Behind the Story

Even though every Fallout game has a compelling and unique storyline, New Vegas trumps them all due to the mystery behind it. Many say that Fallout 4 has a much better story overall, but it lacks the mystery that New Vegas brings.

It essentially pushes you to explore more in order to get more pieces of the story and visit every side quest as well. It never gets old and the mystery stays with you throughout the whole game until the very end.