Waiting Patiently for the PlayStation 5 to Come Out

The wait is long but is getting shorter and shorter. More details have emerged in recent times about Sony’s upcoming next-gen console. The current PS4 is already six years old while the PS4 Pro is three years of age.

It is time to get rid of the old and in with the new!

Since the breakout of the release date that says that PlayStation is supposed to arrive for Holiday 2020 we’ve decided to debunk some details are reveal all that is currently available.

PS5 Release Date

Since the current release date stands as Holiday 2020 it shows us two major things. Firstly, it is not going to be released in 2019 as many of us hoped. And secondly, the true release date is probably sometimes in November next year. Sony has been keeping to a specific formula when it comes to console releases and the next big thing is more than likely to come for the shopping season of 2020.

Another interesting fact, the name is not certain. For now, we are calling it PlayStation 5 but Sony has said that along with a drastic design change we may expect the name modified as well.

What Features to Expect?

As far as features go, we expect two major improvements. The first one comes with the advanced specs for the next generation console and the second one is related to the newest type of controller.

The idea is to completely eliminate load time. The most recent PS4 Pro console has significantly shortened the time needed to load games and transition between levels. This is supposed to be done seamlessly now so players will not have to lose time waiting for the game to load so you can easily pick up from where you left last time.

As far as controllers go, early indications say that we are in for a treat. There is no news about the design but the vibration is going to be much more sensitive. You will feel the difference when crashing your car on Gran Tursimo as opposed to making a tackle on FIFA. Additionally, the trigger buttons will add customizable sensitivity so you can control the gas pedal in racing games or drawing your bow in Tomb Raider.

PS5 Specs

  • CPU: 8 core AMD Ryzen based on 7nm Zen 2
  • 3D Audio
  •  GPU: Radeon Navi Based
  • Raytracing
  • Supports Physical Media
  • Supports 8K Resolution
  • Backwards Compatible (PS4)
  • SSD

The Verdict

A new PlayStation 5 sounds awesome, especially if you are a fan of the console. It will elevate gaming to a whole new level additionally when we know that they are also working on enhancing VR technology.

Don’t buy a PS4 now, be patient and get this one.